Successful Messaging Begins with Intelligent Conversation

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At Cause@lytics, we believe there is an art to creating engagement between humans and automated assistants.


Whether you call them chatbots, IVA (intelligent virtual assistants) or Siri/Alexa, each has a job to do — and we help them do it!




Not to sound too geeky but we use Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), data analytics and a variety of bot-building platforms. Add a dose of cognitive psychology and you have an AI asset that will not only meet your expectations but  help you engage more efficiently and effectively with your audience through the most basic form of communication that has existed since the beginning of humanity — conversation!

A Cause@lytics Conversation Solution is …




@ly. Cause@lytics own online social media brand ambassador. @ly's purpose is to introduce visitors to chatbots, what they can do, how they can help and how they can solve the problems, questions or curiosity people have when they engage with online bots. In the process, @ly educates visitors as to the kinds of services and help Cause@lytics virtual assistants can deliver.



Alex. A virtual human who helps citizens, young and old, understand their

civic duty. Via carefully crafted dialogue based on the latest behavioral studies on the topic, Alex guides the conversation to encourage positive change in behavior. Listening intently to responses, Alex knows the right thing to say, when to say it and how to follow up to keep the conversation going.







Noah. The real-life four-paw sidekick of a popular beach photographer, Noah helps his owner promote his business. From taking visitors on a tour of his owner's services, to explaining photo packages to even booking appointments, Noah never barks at visitors and is always ready for the camera.

WoofBot.  The online adoption screening tool for a Mexican dog shelter. Created bilingually, WoofBot's owners wanted a way to screen potential adoption candidates and at the same time build their email list. Visitors answer a series of questions which are stored in a database for staff to review to make the best adoption match.





YourBot.  Whatever your objective: educate, inform, sell, schedule or just outreach to your core audience, Cause@lytics has a conversation strategy for you.


Our AI Conversational Solutions can be tailored to meet your needs, goals, objectives and budgets.


In addition, we help you solicit the kinds of data you need to grow and strengthen your organization into one that will be regarded as responsive to clients or customers, cutting-edge and always accessible.

Our services…

AI Content

Trained on a variety of AI conversational platforms, the Causealytics team optimizes dialogue outcomes with expert execution.

AI Solutions

Via our strategy using Artificial Intelligence, organizations expand their workforce, amplify customer engagement and retention.

Data Care

Data is the key to success — if it's the right kind. To solicit high-quality data, we help with collection and analysis to create a usable resource.

Who we are…

We are a women-owned company who believe a project's longstanding success originates with intelligent design, engaging content, quality data and employs and fully executes 21st Century tools to optimize impact and outreach that spans generations.


In other words…


Cause@lytics was created with an eye towards innovation. We take standard chatbots/virtual assistants and reimagine their roles as online ambassadors for whatever goals an organization wants to accomplish.  Via our expertise in conversational AI, organizations are assured of effectively communicating with their audiences and achieving their objectives. It's really that simple.


If you enjoy thinking outside the box and want a creative way to reach your audience, join us — for a conversation!


Marisa Treviño

Founder/CEO Cause@lytics

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